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Box Office - Weekend Top 10

  • 1 The Jungle Book $61,538,821
  • 2 The Huntsman: Winter's War $19,445,035
  • 3 Barbershop: The Next Cut $10,518,254
  • 4 Zootopia $6,579,545
  • 5 The Boss $6,228,205
  • 6 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Jus... $5,502,033
  • 7 Criminal $3,116,777
  • 8 My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 $2,096,025
  • 9 Compadres $1,397,434
  • 10 Eye in the Sky $1,204,335

Cinematheque Movie Listings

  • Mustang

    | Drama | 97 minutes

    In a remote Turkish coastal village on the Black Sea, children play in the water after they're released from the last day of school. Still wearing their school uniforms, they give piggy back rides and splash each other. When a woman witnesses what's going on, and sees that five sisters who are her neighbors are involved in the fun, she reports what she considers to be scandalous behavior to their grandmother and uncle, who have been the sisters' guardians since the death of their parents.

    The sisters are punished severely and all "instruments of corruption," such as cell phones and computers, are taken away. They're forced to wear shapeless brown dresses and bars are installed on the windows. As the older sisters are subjected to virginity tests, then married off one by one, the younger sisters resolve to avoid the same fate.

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    Thu: 7:00

  • The Strongest Man in the World

    | Comedy

    Playing off Miami's complicated cultural and social strata, this comedy follows Beef, an anxiety-ridden Cuban construction worker, and his Korean friend Conan, as their lives get bumped off track the moment they agree to attend a spiritual meditation class. Not fully understanding the metaphor, Beef and Conan embark on a journey to find their respective spirit animals on the streets of Miami, where both wild dogs and chickens run rampant. Conan's relationship with his family crumbles, as Beef's relationship with his neighbor, a young woman named Illi, begins.

    Sun: 7:00

    The Strongest Man in the World
  • Theeb

    | Drama | 100 minutes

    Set in 1916, the province of Hijaz is under severe attack during World War I. Young Theeb (Jacir Eid Al-Hwietat)and his older brother Hussein (Hussein Salameh) work tirelessly to survive in a rapidly changing environment.

    With the Ottoman Empire on the brink of collapse and the Great Arab Revolt brewing, the boys quickly adopt the habits necessary to survival.

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    Wed: 7:00
    Thu: 9:00