Showtimes for the week of Friday August 28

Landmark Cinemas 8 Grant Park (Empire)

Unit 127 - 1120 Grant Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
R3M 2A6
(204) 453-4084

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Box Office - Weekend Top 10

  • 1 Straight Outta Compton $13,133,560
  • 2 War Room $11,351,389
  • 3 Mission: Impossible - Rogue Na... $8,155,581
  • 4 No Escape $8,111,264
  • 5 Sinister 2 $4,665,341
  • 6 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. $4,431,136
  • 7 Hitman: Agent 47 $4,224,446
  • 8 Ant-Man $3,073,116
  • 9 Jurassic World $3,010,770
  • 10 The Gift $3,004,313

Landmark Cinemas 8 Grant Park (Empire) Movie Listings

  • American Ultra

    14A | Action | 96 minutes

    Stoner Mike Howell's (Jesse Eisenberg) small town life is about to be turned upside down. Mike's past as a highly trained, lethal sleeper agent catches up with him and his live-in girlfriend Phoebe (Kristen Stewart).

    Instantly, Mike is thrown into a government operation that could lead to his death unless he is able to summon his inner action hero.

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    Wed: 1:15 4:10 9:35
    Thu: 1:15 4:10 6:45 9:35

    American Ultra
  • Hitman: Agent 47

    14A | Action | 96 minutes

    An elite assassin (Rupert Friend) was genetically engineered from conception to be the perfect killing machine, and is known only by the last two digits on the barcode tattooed on the back of his neck. He is the culmination of decades of research—and forty-six earlier Agent clones—endowing him with unprecedented strength, speed, stamina and intelligence. His latest target is a mega-corporation that plans to unlock the secret of Agent 47's past to create an army of killers whose powers surpass even his own. Teaming up with a young woman (Hannah War) ewho may hold the secret to overcoming their powerful and clandestine enemies, 47 confronts stunning revelations about his own origins and squares off in an epic battle with his deadliest foe.

    Based on the Hitman video game series.

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    Wed - Thu: 12:45 3:30 7:15 9:45

    Hitman: Agent 47
  • The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

    PG | Action | 116 minutes

    During the height of the Cold War in the early 1960s, CIA agent Solo (Henry Cavill) and KGB agent Kuryakin (Armie Hammer) are forced to put aside longstanding hostilities and work together to stop a mysterious criminal organization.

    Based on the 1960s TV series of the same name.

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    Wed - Thu: 1:05 4:00 7:10 10:05

    The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
  • Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

    PG | Action | 131 minutes

    Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) goes so deep undercover that none of his IMF (Impossible Mission Force) team can locate him. Ethan discovers that the Syndicate - an International rogue organization of assassins - is real, and they're trying to destroy the IMF.

    Ethan, William (Jeremy Renner), Benji (Simon Pegg) and the rest of the team have to figure out how to get through 12 feet of concrete and 70,000 gallons of pressurized water without oxygen tanks in an attempt to prove the Syndicate exists and bring them down, even if it turns out to be their last mission.

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    Wed - Thu: 12:25 3:45 7:00

    Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation
  • Mistress America

    14A | Comedy | 86 minutes

    Tracy (Lola Kirke) is a college freshman living in New York City, but she's lonely. The university experience isn't nearly as exiting as shed envisioned and living in NYC isn't quite the glamorous metropolitan lifestyle she expected.

    Things turn around when her soon-to-be stepsister, Brooke (Greta Gerwig) a resident of Times Square and a girl who's always looking for adventures takes Tracy under her wing and gets her involved in her mad schemes.


    Wed - Thu: 1:00 3:55 7:05 10:00

    Mistress America
  • Mountain Men

    14A | Comedy | 85 minutes

    Estranged brothers Topher (Tyler Labine) and Cooper (Chace Crawford) take a road trip to their remote family cabin in the mountains to evict a squatter. Buried resentment and bruised egos derail the plan, and with their lives at stake, they must work together as brothers to get back to civilization.


    Wed: 7:00

    Mountain Men
  • No Escape

    14A | Thriller | 103 minutes

    The Dwyers seem to have the perfect family life. Despite being happy living in America, the family decides to move overseas. Everything changes when their lives are endangered by a group of rebels who viciously attack the new city where they settle down.

    Jack (Owen Wilson) and Annie (Lake Bell) frantically look for a safe place to retreat in an effort to protect their family. Unfortunately for them, foreigners are the ones being hunted.

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    Wed - Thu: 12:30 3:40 6:50 9:55

    No Escape
  • Ricki and the Flash

    PG | Drama | 101 minutes

    Ricki (Meryl Streep) is an aging rock star who abandoned her family to chase fame and stardom. The sacrifice delivered the stardom she craved, but it cost her a relationship with her family.

    After years of rocking with her band, the Flash, her life is interrupted by a call from her ex-husband (Kevin Kline). She discovers their estranged daughter (Mamie Gummer) is going through a tough situation and decides to head back home. Given the opportunity to reconcile and make things right, Ricki must again choose between the music she loves and the family she lost.

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    Wed - Thu: 12:50 4:05 7:05 10:10

    Ricki and the Flash
  • Sinister 2

    14A | Horror | 97 minutes

    A mother (Shannyn Sossamon) and her nine-year-old twin sons move into a house haunted by the evil spirit of Bughuul.

    Haunted by the ghosts of murdered children, the boys are threatened to keep quiet or their family will be murdered and filmed as they die, so their murders can be watched over and over again by the ghouls.

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    Wed - Thu: 10:10

    Sinister 2
  • Straight Outta Compton

    14A | Drama | 157 minutes

    STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON traces the meteoric rise and fall of N.W.A. -- five young men who translated their experiences growing up in Compton, California in the mid-1980s into brutally honest music that rebelled against abusive authority, revolutionizing music and igniting a cultural war.

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    Wed - Thu: 12:20 3:45 6:55 9:40

    Straight Outta Compton