Showtimes for the week of Friday August 26

Landmark Cinemas 8 Grant Park (Empire)

Unit 127 - 1120 Grant Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
R3M 2A6
(204) 453-4084

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Box Office - Weekend Top 10

  • 1 Suicide Squad $20,855,401
  • 2 Sausage Party $15,485,577
  • 3 War Dogs $14,685,305
  • 4 Kubo and the Two Strings $12,608,372
  • 5 Pete's Dragon $11,349,938
  • 6 Ben-Hur $11,203,815
  • 7 Jason Bourne $8,016,895
  • 8 Bad Moms $7,946,885
  • 9 The Secret Life of Pets $5,880,500
  • 10 Florence Foster Jenkins $4,384,511

Landmark Cinemas 8 Grant Park (Empire) Movie Listings

  • Ben-Hur

    PG | Drama | 124 minutes

    Judah Ben-Hur (Jack Huston) has endured five years as a slave before being in a shipwreck and washing up on shore. Having grown up as a member of one of the most respected families in Jerusalem, he's finally able to return.

    He seeks justice for the wrongs done to himself and his family by his childhood friend, a Roman named Messala (Toby Kebbell), who had Judah's mother and sister imprisoned. Upon his return, Judah learns that they contracted leprosy in prison and decides to get vengeance by competing against Messala in a chariot race.

    Based on the 1880 novel Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ by Lew Wallace.

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    Sat - Thu: 12:40 3:40 6:35 9:55

  • Don't Breathe

    18A | Horror | 86 minutes

    A group of young people break into the homes of the wealthy to find things to steal. Some things they keep, some things they sell. One of the thieves, Alex (Dylan Minnette), has a father who owns a security company, so they target his customers because Alex knows how to bypass their security systems. He's joined by Rocky (Jane Levy) and Money (Daniel Zovatto).

    Money finds out about a blind military veteran (Stephen Lang) who won a major settlement after his child's accidental death. He thinks the veteran, who lives alone, has stashed the cash in his house.

    They sedate the veteran's Rottweiler before entering the house. However, things don't go as planned. Although blind, the veteran is not nearly as helpless as they thought he would be.

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    Sat - Thu: 1:15 4:15 7:15 10:15

    Don't Breathe
  • Florence Foster Jenkins

    PG | Comedy | 110 minutes

    The true story of the legendary New York heiress and socialite, Florence Foster Jenkins (Meryl Streep), who in the early 1900s, obsessively pursued her dream of becoming a great singer—despite having a singing voice that was so out of tune and unable to hit the right notes that people found it hilarious.

    Supported by her younger partner, actor St. Clair Bayfield (Hugh Grant), she mostly performed concerts for friends, but in 1944, she staged a public performance at the famed Carnegie Hall, that quickly sold out.

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    Sat - Thu: 12:30 3:30 6:30 9:35

    Florence Foster Jenkins
  • Hell or High Water

    14A | Drama | 102 minutes

    In a story where the Old West meets the New West, two brothers - Toby (Chris Pine), a straight-laced and divorced father trying to provide for his son, and Tanner (Ben Foster), a short-tempered ex-con - rob branch after branch of the bank that's foreclosing their family land.

    The pair seem to be getting away with their calculated crimes until they reach the radar of a foul-mouthed Texas Ranger (Jeff Bridges), who's determined to crack one last case before he retires. Tensions come to a head and one final showdown will either grant the Ranger his victory or the brothers their freedom.

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    Sat - Thu: 12:50 3:45 6:45 9:50

    Hell or High Water
  • Indignation

    14A | Drama | 110 minutes

    In 1951, Marcus Messner (Logan Lerman) a brilliant student from Newark, New Jersey, escapes being drafted into the Korean War when he receives a college scholarship. Not usually one to socialize or engage with girls, he develops a burgeoning infatuation with a beautiful classmate named Olivia Hutton (Sarah Gadon). However, it puts his future, and the plans his family has for him, in serious jeopardy.

    The college’s imposing Dean Hawes Caudwell (Tracy Letts) intervenes and Olivia's past struggles with mental health are revealed. But after a terrible accident transpires, Marcus may be in over his head.

    The film is based on the 2008 Philip Roth novel of the same name.

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    Sat - Thu: 1:10 4:10 7:05 9:45

  • The Infiltrator

    14A | Drama | 127 minutes

    Federal agent Robert Mazur (Bryan Cranston) goes deep undercover in 1986, posing as a money-laundering businessman named Bob Musella. Along with fellow agents Emir Abreu (John Leguizamo) and Kathy Ertz (Diane Kruger), who poses as his fiancée, Mazur gets to know Roberto Alcaino (Benjamin Bratt), who is part of drug lord Pablo Escobar's crew.

    Knowing that one slip-up could lead to his death at the hands of the drug dealers, Mazur tries to build a case that will hopefully put up to 85 drug lords behind bars, as well as the corrupt bankers who are involved in helping them.

    Based on the book by Robert Mazur.

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    Sat - Thu: 12:25 3:50 6:50

    The Infiltrator
  • Mechanic: Resurrection

    14A | Thriller | 99 minutes

    Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham), an elite assassin who specializes in making deaths look like accidents, is forced out of retirement when Gina (Jessica Alba), the love of his life, is kidnapped. To save her from his worst enemy, Bishop must travel the world to assassinate three of the most powerful people in the world. Not only that, but he has to make all three deaths look like nothing more than mere accidents.

    Mechanic: Resurrection is the sequel to the 2011 movie The Mechanic.

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    Sat - Thu: 1:05 4:05 7:00 10:05

    Mechanic: Resurrection
  • Suicide Squad

    PG | Action | 123 minutes

    When the White House becomes concerned about the safety of the President of the U.S., Intelligence Officer Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) has a plan. She wants to get a team of super villains together and have them fight against possible threats to the country.

    In exchange, the villains are promised reduced prison sentences. The group includes master assassin Deadshot (Will Smith), Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), The Joker (Jared Leto), Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney), Enchantress (Cara Delevingne), Katana (Karen Fukuhara), El Diablo (Jay Hernandez) and Slipknot (Adam Beach).

    Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) is put in charge, and he soon finds out that the villains are a handful.

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    Sat - Thu: 10:00

    Suicide Squad
  • War Dogs

    14A | Drama | 114 minutes

    David Packouz (Miles Teller) is struggling to make a living as a massage therapist when he runs into his old friend, Efraim Diveroli (Jonah Hill). Tired of his therapist job, David tries selling linen to retirement homes, but winds up losing thousands of dollars. So when Efraim asks David to join his company in selling arms to the U.S. government, he agrees.

    Unfortunately, they discover the task ahead of them is much more difficult than they'd anticipated. Although their first deal makes them a lot of money, in order to pull off another deal, the two become involved in shady dealings when the packaging on ammunition they purchased turns out to be illegal. They come up with a plan to save the deal, but soon find themselves in hot water with the United States government.

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    Sat - Thu: 1:00 4:00 7:10 10:10

    War Dogs