Showtimes for the week of Friday October 17

Landmark Cinemas 8 Grant Park (Empire)

Unit 127 - 1120 Grant Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
R3M 2A6
(204) 453-4084

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Theme and content may not be suitable for all children. Most suitable for mature viewers over 12
Suitable for persons 14 years of age and older. An adult must accompany those under 14
Suitable for persons 18 years of age and older. Persons ages 14-17 must be accompanied by an adult
Restricted to persons 18 years of age and older

Box Office - Weekend Top 10

  • 1 Fury $23,702,421
  • 2 Gone Girl $17,511,956
  • 3 The Book of Life $17,005,218
  • 4 Alexander and the Terrible, Ho... $11,456,954
  • 5 The Best of Me $10,003,827
  • 6 Dracula Untold $9,988,530
  • 7 The Judge $7,916,418
  • 8 Annabelle $7,878,300
  • 9 The Equalizer $5,382,353
  • 10 The Maze Runner $4,567,445

Landmark Cinemas 8 Grant Park (Empire) Movie Listings

  • It Was You Charlie

    | Drama | 80 minutes

    Once an accomplished sculptor and college art teacher, Abner (Michael D. Cohen) is now a lonely graveyard-shift doorman. On a downward spiral since he survived a car crash that killed a young woman, Abner's woes are made worse by the fact that Madeleine, the woman he loves, considers him a friend only. Not only that, but she's marrying Abner's brother.

    Although he's consumed with guilt and suicidal thoughts, something magical happens to Abner after he meets Zoe (Emma Fleury), a young, free-spirited taxi driver, giving him a sense of hope and redemption.


    Thu: 7:00

    It Was You Charlie
  • My Old Lady

    PG | Drama | 107 minutes

    When down-and-out New Yorker Mathias (Kevin Kline) inherits an apartment in Paris from his estranged father, he uses his last penny to travel to France with the intent of selling his new property, then returning home. He runs into a problem when he finds Mathilde, a refined old lady (Maggie Smith), living there with her protective daughter Chloe (Kristine Scott Thomas) and they have no intention of leaving.

    To top it off, Mathias learns that the apartment is a "viager" - meaning, the owner of the apartment not only can't sell it, but has to pay a fee until the current occupant passes away. Desperate to rid himself of the apartment and get some cash in his pocket, Mathias resorts to blackmail. Along the way, he finds out a secret about his father - and Mathilde.

    Trailer Reviews

    Thu: 3:40 9:55

    My Old Lady
  • The Skeleton Twins

    14A | Drama | 93 minutes

    Living separate lives on opposite sides of the country, estranged siblings Maggie (Kristen Wiig) and Milo (Bill Hader) are at the end of their ropes. But after a moment of crisis reunites them, Milo goes to spend time with Maggie in the small New York town where they grew up. A dental hygienist, Maggie struggles with her unhappy marriage to the painfully good-natured Lance (Luke Wilson), while Milo tracks down Rich (Ty Burrell), the English teacher with whom he shares a checkered past. Adrift and wondering how they ended up so far from who they were supposed to be, the siblings try to patch things up.


    Thu: 10:05

    The Skeleton Twins