Showtimes for the week of Friday October 24

Towne Cinema 8

Winnipeg, MB
R3B 1P2
(204) 947-2848

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Box Office - Weekend Top 10

  • 1 Fury $23,702,421
  • 2 Gone Girl $17,511,956
  • 3 The Book of Life $17,005,218
  • 4 Alexander and the Terrible, Ho... $11,456,954
  • 5 The Best of Me $10,003,827
  • 6 Dracula Untold $9,988,530
  • 7 The Judge $7,916,418
  • 8 Annabelle $7,878,300
  • 9 The Equalizer $5,382,353
  • 10 The Maze Runner $4,567,445

Towne Cinema 8 Movie Listings

  • Annabelle

    14A | Horror | 98 minutes

    John Gordon (Ward Horton) and his wife Mia (Annabelle Wallis) are expecting a child. He buys a vintage doll called Annabelle for their unborn daughter. Shortly after, their home is invaded by members of a satanic cult, who attack the couple and spill blood on Annabelle.

    Traumatized, they try to move on with their lives and after their baby is born, they move into a new home. Annabelle comes along but when frightening, inexplicable things start happening, they find that a demon has attached itself to the doll.

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    Fri: 7:00 9:15
    Sat - Sun: 3:55 7:00 9:15
    Mon - Thu: 7:00 9:15

  • The Best of Me

    14A | Drama | 117 minutes

    Former high school sweethearts Dawson (James Marsden) and Amanda (Michelle Monaghan) reunite after 20 years apart when they return to their small town for the funeral of the man who took Dawson in when he needed refuge from his violent family.

    The two parted when Amanda's parents refused to pay for college if she continued to see Dawson. Realizing she was in danger from his family and not wanting her to miss out on college, he broke up with her. Although she moved on and got married, the memory of her never left him and he remained single.

    Their bittersweet reunion reignites the love they've never forgotten, but his family continues to pose a threat, and although Amanda has stayed with her alcoholic husband for her children's sake, she can't ignore the fact that Dawson is her one true love.

    Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks.

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    Fri: 7:10
    Sat - Sun: 1:25 4:35 7:10
    Mon - Thu: 7:10 9:45

    The Best of Me
  • The Book of Life 3D

    G | Comedy | 95 minutes

    This animated feature is about Manolo (Diego Luna), a young man who can't decide whether he should fulfill his family's expectations or follow his heart. While fighting for the affection of the beautiful Maria (Zoe Saldana) with another man, Joaquin (Channing Tatum), two spirits, La Muerte and Xibalba, make a bet on the outcome. In order to guarantee he’ll win the bet, Xibalba sends a snake to kill Manolo, separating him from Maria.

    Manolo, still desperate to be with the woman he loves, embarks on a journey through three fantastical worlds to reunite with Maria in the human world before she marries Joaquin. The film is full of breathtaking visuals and unforgettable characters on an adventure spanning every world imaginable.

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    Fri: 6:55 9:20
    Sat - Sun: 1:35 4:20 6:55 9:20
    Mon - Thu: 6:55 9:20

    The Book of Life 3D
  • Citizen Marc

    14A | Documentary | 94 minutes

    Following the life of Canadian pot activist Marc Emery, who served five years in a prison in the United States for selling marijuana seeds to Americans online.

    Emery has gained attention for himself and his cause as he makes millions in profits from his marijuana seed sales, which he uses to fight for legalization across North America.

    Fri: 7:20 9:35
    Sat - Sun: 2:00 4:00 7:20 9:35
    Mon - Wed: 7:20 9:35
    Thu: 7:20

    Citizen Marc
  • Dracula Untold

    14A | Action | 92 minutes

    Vlad Tepes (Luke Evans) is a great hero, but when he learns the Sultan is preparing for battle and needs to form an army of 1,000 boys, including Vlad's son, he vows to find a way to protect his family.

    Vlad turns to dark forces in order to get the power to destroy his enemies and agrees to go from hero to monster as he's turned into the mythological bloodsucker Dracula.

    Based on characters by Bram Stoker.

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    Fri - Sun: 9:45
    Mon - Thu: 7:15 9:25

    Dracula Untold
  • Fury

    14A | Drama | 135 minutes

    April, 1945. During the last months of WWII, a battle-hardened army sergeant named Wardaddy (Brad Pitt) takes command of a five-man team who pilot a Sherman tank named Fury on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. Outnumbered and outgunned, they have to defeat all odds in an attempt to strike down Nazi Germany.

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    Fri: 6:45 9:40
    Sat - Sun: 12:50 3:45 6:45 9:40
    Mon - Thu: 6:45 9:40

  • John Wick

    18A | Action | 101 minutes

    When John Wick (Keanu Reeves) fell head over heels in love with Helen (Bridget Moynahan) and married her, he retired from his life as a top assassin. They enjoyed five happy years together before she died following a lengthy illness.

    Following the funeral, he receives a beagle puppy named Daisy as a posthumous gift from his late wife. Taking time to grieve, he bonds with the puppy, who becomes the focus of his life.

    Everything changes when a young punk (Alfie Allen) and his friends break into John's home to steal his vintage car. Not knowing who he is in the underworld, they not only beat John up, but they wind up killing Daisy. John is dragged into his old life of violence, determined to seek revenge.


    Fri: 6:50 9:30
    Sat - Sun: 1:05 4:00 6:50 9:30
    Mon - Thu: 6:50 9:30

    John Wick
  • Men, Women & Children

    14A | Drama | 119 minutes

    A group of high school teenagers and their parents attempt to navigate the many ways the internet has changed their relationships, their communication, their self-image, and their love lives.

    Based on the novel by Chad Kultgen, the film explores social issues such as video game culture, anorexia, infidelity, fame hunting, and the proliferation of illicit material on the internet.

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    Sat - Sun: 1:15

    Men, Women & Children
  • Nightcrawler

    14A | Thriller | 117 minutes

    Lou Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) is not having much luck with his job search. After witnessing an accident, he quickly finds himself caught up in the underground and nocturnal world of freelance crime journalism, scouring Los Angeles for gruesome crime-scene footage.

    Lou becomes entranced with this world and quickly progresses in the field, even beating the police to crime scenes. However, he begins taking risky liberties—including moving bodies to get a better shot. He finds himself in trouble with the law when he is accused of withholding information from the police in order to catch a murderer himself.


    Thu: 9:35

  • Ouija

    PG | Horror | 89 minutes

    Laine Morris (Olivia Cooke) convinces her group of friends to use a Ouija board to try to make contact with their recently deceased friend Debbie (Shelley Hennig). They return to where Debbie died in an attempt to reach her.

    However, they get more than they signed up for when they end up awakening the dark spirits of the ancient board. They discover disturbing film footage Debbie recorded of herself after she found the Ouija board, leading up to her ultimate brutal death.

    Now the friends are being haunted by the same darkness and they need to break the connection before they wind up like Debbie. However, the only way to break the connection is to play the game again.

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    Fri: 7:05 9:10
    Sat - Sun: 1:45 4:30 7:05 9:10
    Mon - Thu: 7:05 9:10