American Underdog

Kurt Warner (Zachary Levi) has defined himself through sports his entire life, but despite always giving it his all, he always finds himself coming up short. After being let go by the Green Bay Packers, Kurt finds a job stocking shelves in a grocery store, where he comes to the realization that he may not have been ready to take his game to the next level back then, but he is now.

Defying all odds, Kurt is now given the opportunity to prove himself on the biggest stage possible with the St. Louis Rams to prove to the world that he is ready for the big leagues, and that destiny is for the underdogs.

  • Release Date: December 25, 2021
  • Genre: Drama, Biography
  • Cast: Zachary Levi, Anna Paquin, Dennis Quaid, Adam Baldwin, Bruce McGill, Chance Kelly, Ser'Darius Blain
  • Director: Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin
  • Producer: Andrew Erwin, Daryl Lefever, Jon Erwin, Kevin Downes, Mark Ciardi
  • Screenplay: Jon Erwin, David Aaron Cohen, Jon Gunn
  • Studio: Lionsgate

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