Black Christmas

A group of female students at Hawthorne College decide to stay at their sorority house over the Christmas break. One by one, they're being killed by an unknown stalker. But the killer is about to discover that this generation’s young women aren’t willing to become hapless victims as they mount a fight to the finish.

Based on the 1974 horror film of the same name.

  • Release Date: December 13, 2019
  • Genre: Horror, Thriller
  • Cast: Imogen Poots, Aleyse Shannon, Brittany O’Grady, Lily Donoghue, Caleb Eberhardt, Cary Elwes
  • Director: Sophia Takal
  • Producer: Adam Hendricks, Ben Cosgrove, Jason Blum
  • Screenplay: Sophia Takal, April Wolfe
  • Studio: Universal Pictures