Flora and Son

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Single mom Flora (Eve Hewson) is at a loss about what to do with her rebellious teenage son, Max (Orén Kinlan). Encouraged by the police to find Max a hobby, Flora discovers a beat-up acoustic guitar one day while passing a dumpster. She takes it to a shop to get it fixed, but Max isn't impressed and wants nothing to do with it.

She decides that maybe she should learn guitar herself, and when her musician ex-husband laughs at the idea, she hires Jeff (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a musician from Los Angeles, to give her online lessons.

  • Release Date: September 29, 2023 (limited)
  • Genre: Drama, Music
  • Cast: Eve Hewson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Orén Kinlan, Jack Reynor
  • Director: John Carney
  • Producer: Anthony Bregman, John Carney, Robert Walpole, Rebecca O'Flanagan, Peter Cron
  • Screenplay: John Carney
  • Studio: Apple TV+