H is for Happiness

Candice Phee (Daisy Axon), 12, is given an assignment by her teacher Miss Bamford (Miriam Margolyes), which inspires her to help her family — including her Mum (Emma Booth), Dad (Richard Roxburgh) and Rich Uncle Brian (Joel Jackson) — be happy again following a tragedy. She sets out to solve the problems of all the people in her life, even if it means using drastic methods.

Based on the young adult novel My Life as an Alphabet by Barry Jonsberg.

  • Genre: Family
  • Cast: Richard Roxburgh, Emma Booth, Joel Jackson, Deborah Mailman, Daisy Axon, Wesley Patten, Miriam Margolyes
  • Director: John Sheedy
  • Producer: Julie Ryan, Lisa Hoppe, Tenille Kennedy
  • Screenplay: Lisa Hoppe
  • Studio: A71 Entertainment