In the Land of Saints and Sinners

Hoping to leave his dark past behind him, former assassin Finbar Murphy (Liam Neeson) leads a quiet life in a coastal Irish town, far from the political violence that grips the rest of the country.

When menacing terrorists show up, Finbar soon discovers that one of them has been abusing a local girl. Drawn into an increasingly vicious game of cat and mouse, he must choose between exposing his secret identity and defending his friends and neighbors.

  • Genre: Action, Thriller, Crime
  • Cast: Liam Neeson, Kerry Condon, Colm Meaney, Ciarán Hinds, Sarah Greene, Conor MacNeill, Jack Gleeson, Desmond Eastwood
  • Director: Robert Lorenz
  • Producer: Bonnie Timmermann, Geraldine Hughes, Kieran Corrigan, Terry Loane, Philip Lee, Markus Barmettler
  • Screenplay: Mark Michael McNally, Terry Loane
  • Studio: Samuel Goldwyn Films