In The Mood For Love

Two couples meet and live in a building mainly inhabited by the Shanghai community. The husband of one couple, Chau, meets the beautiful wife of the second couple, Li-chun. As their spouses spend a lot of time away from home at work, Chau and Li-chun become good friends, often meeting with the landlord to play games and discuss the latest gossip. As their respective partners spend more and more time away, Chau and Li-chun begin to realize that their spouses are having an affair.

  • Release Date: February 16, 2001
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Cast: Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung, Lai Chen, Tony Chiu Wai, Maggie Man-yuk, Rebecca Pan, Siu Ping Lam, Tsi-Ang Chin, Roy Cheung, Paulyn Sun
  • Director: Wong Kar Wai
  • Producer: William Suk-ping
  • Screenplay: Kar-Wai Wong
  • Studio: USA Films

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