Most Dangerous Game (Quibi)

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How far would you go to fight for your family? Dodge Tynes (Liam Hemsworth) has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and can’t afford treatment. Meanwhile, his wife is expecting a baby boy and Dodge wants to be there for the birth of his son.

Desperate for cash, he agrees to take part in a deadly game where he is hunted by several men out to kill him. If he comes out alive, Dodge will take home several million dollars.

  • Genre: Action/Adventure, Short, Television, Thriller
  • Cast: Liam Hemsworth, Christoph Waltz, Sarah Gadon, Zach Cherry, Aaron Poole, Christopher Webster, Billy Burke, Jimmy Akinbola, Natasha Bordizzo
  • Director: Phil Abraham
  • Producer: Gordon Gray
  • Screenplay: Nick Santora, Scott Elder, Josh Harmon, Richard Connell
  • Studio: Quibi