Over My Dead Body

On a night like any other, Ming, together with his wife and mother-in-law, finds an anonymous naked dead body lying at their doorstep. They might not know the identity of the body, but have no doubt their unit will become a "murder home" once this is exposed, its property value will nosedive, and they will be transformed from blissful homeowners to miserable victims. So they decide to pass the buck to their neighbours - none of whom want to deal with it either, sparking arguments. When the day is about to break and nothing has been resolved, they're forced to together to transport the body away from their building. This is a story about a dead body, but also a story about living people.

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Cast: Teresa Mo, Ronald Cheng, Wong You-nam, Jennifer Yu, Edan Lui, Yeung Wai-lun
  • Director: Ho Cheuk-Tin
  • Producer: Amy Chin
  • Screenplay: Kong Ho-Yan