Jenny (Violet McGraw), an eight-year-old girl, is caught up in a custody battle between her parents—high-powered lawyer Maggie (Mamie Gummer) and struggling graphic artist Jeff (Rupert Friend). Emotionally scarred by her parents' battling, the little girl leads a lonely but imaginative life, surrounded by horrific puppets called "Grisly Kin," which are based on the works of her father.

When Maggie is killed in a hit and run, Jeff tries to step up as Jenny's only parent. But when Maggie's father (Brian Cox) sues for custody, and babysitter Samantha (Madeline Brewer) tries to be the new woman of the house, life in their Brooklyn townhome takes a dark turn. The puppets and frightening characters come to life and at first, Jenny is the only person who can see them. When the motives of the ghoulish creatures become clear, everyone is in jeopardy.

  • Genre: Horror
  • Cast: Rupert Friend, Brian Cox, Mamie Gummer, Madeline Brewer, Violet McGraw, Simon Quarterman, Manny Perez, Troy James, Jane Arden, Ann Lynn, Iain Quarrier, Terence de Marney, Joy Bang, Leslie Linder, Ann Norman, Malou Pantera, Peter Thomas
  • Director: Jack Bond, William Brent Bell
  • Producer: Clay Pecorin, Jesse Korman, Jordan Beckerman, Jordan Yale Levine, Russ Posternak, William Brent Bell
  • Screenplay: Nick Amadeus, Josh Braun
  • Studio: Briarcliff Entertainment