The Lost Husband (Netflix)

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After her husband dies in a car crash, Libby (Leslie Bibb) and her two children move in with her Aunt Jean (Nora Dunn) on a farm. She discovers she's expected to help with farm chores and Jean's farmhand, O'Connor (Josh Duhamel) shows her the ropes.

Resistant at first to the hard work, Libby eventually feels as if she's beginning to fit in, but finds she's drawn to an old house at the other end of the property. She feels she's been there before, but can't remember anything else. She soon discovers there are family secrets that start to explain all the questions she had in her life.

  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Cast: Leslie Bibb, Josh Duhamel, Nora Dunn, Herizen Guardiola, Kevin Alejandro, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Sharon Lawrence
  • Director: Vicky Wight
  • Producer: Bridget Stokes, Leslie Bibb, Vicky Wight
  • Screenplay: Vicky Wight
  • Studio: Netflix