The World Before Your Feet

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For a period of over six years, Matt Green, 37, has been walking every block of every street of the five boroughs of New York City—a journey of more than 8,000 miles.

Without an apartment to call home, he offers himself up as a cat sitter, staying at various places. Along the way, Matt interacts with diverse, friendly strangers from all five boroughs of New York, of all different ages, classes, and backgrounds.

Curious about historical places in New York, such as buildings, graves and even fences, he researches them thoroughly before visiting each site, satisfying his thirst for knowledge along the way. He introduces himself to people, getting to know them, and even spots an assortment of wildlife as he walks through forested areas.

Having determined that the project would take two, possibly two-and-a-half years, at one point he finds himself over five years in, still discovering new things. The documentary shows every side of the famous city through the eyes of this adventurous individual on the journey of his life.
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Cast: Matt Green
  • Director: Jeremy Workman
  • Producer: Jeremy Workman
  • Studio: Greenwich Entertainment