Judd Apatow suggests young actresses 'run' from Woody Allen

Published By Marriska Fernandes on Oct 25, 2017

Judd ApatowJudd Apatow isn't too happy with the subject of Woody Allen's next film and suggested that young actresses "run" from his projects.

Allen's next film, starring Jude Law, Elle Fanning and Selena Gomez, follows a love story between an older man and a 15-year-old girl.

Apatow tweeted his disappointment: "It is sad that he is obsessed with all these young actresses and none of them run when offered the job."

Furthermore, in light of sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein, accusations that Allen sexually abused his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow as a child, have once again resurfaced.

Woody Allen, 81, has worked with several young actresses in the past, including Kristen Stewart, Emma Stone and Blake Lively.

Allen also recently spoke about the Weinstein allegations, saying that the situation was "very sad for everybody involved" and that people shouldn’t contribute to the "witch hunt atmosphere." Obviously, this didn't sit well with many and he later clarified: "When I said I felt sad for Harvey Weinstein I thought it was clear the meaning was because he is a sad, sick man." ~Marriska Fernandes




Comments & Discussion

  1. CDubya • 10/25/2017 11:43:12 AM

    Ya maybe this might be Woody Allen's last piece of work...his 'art' imitating life...his life. Maybe it's his way of explaining how his own situation happened. Woody is 81! Wow and still kickin. It does make me wonder if more allegations will come out that involve him though.

  2. King Mixer • 10/25/2017 3:31:28 PM

    There's only one sexual predator that Apatow is okay with, and that's Lena Dunham.

  3. Genny • 10/25/2017 6:34:30 PM

    It's about time the Hollywood community start speaking out about the likes of Woody Allen. They have sat back applauding and honoring these sexual predators for too long. I commend Judd Apatow. He was one of the first men to speak up and support the woman who spoke about the sexual abuse at the hands of HW.

  4. Jim cowan • 10/27/2017 2:10:05 AM

    I have never met Woody Allen therefore it would be presumptious to criticise him. If he were to be found guilty of any sexual misconduct then perhaps. Too many seem keen to point the finger without proof and I wonder why ?

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