Robert De Niro and Nobu to open residential complex in Toronto

Published By Tribute on May 31, 2017

Robert De NiroNobu has announced they will be opening a "one of a kind" residential complex in Toronto -- a project that will include a hotel, condominiums, and of course their world famous Japanese fusion restaurant. The development will be on Mercer Street, in the heart of Toronto's entertainment district.

Two-time Academy Award-winner Robert De Niro was a big part of bringing Nobu restaurant to New York after discovering Chef Nobu Matsuhisa. The restaurant has now grown to be a massive success with 35 locations across the world, and together they are coming to Toronto to deliver a unique residential project.

"I am very proud to have my name on this building," said Chef Nobu. "It will be very special, and we are happy to be in Toronto."

Robert added, "Toronto is a great city. I've filmed here, I've been here for the Film Festival, which is excellent, and I'm looking forward to spending more time here once Nobu Toronto opens."

Nobu Residences will include 700 condominium suites across two 49-story towers, and a podium with indoor and outdoor amenities. There also will be a state-of-the-art fitness center, with access to a yoga studio, hot tub, and a special therapy circuit complete with hot and cold elements.

The buildings will also feature special villas where residents can host parties and entertain large groups of guests. Located on the 10th floor, the villa will have a gaming lounge, a screening room, barbecue deck, fireplaces, and a private Nobu-style dining area with a chef’s table.

Toronto developer Madison Group will be responsible for building the project. Nobu Residences will begin selling units in June 2017. ~Brenden Zerihun

Comments & Discussion

  1. James • 5/31/2017 5:33:45 PM

    Wow, that's cool.

  2. clare • 6/1/2017 3:11:19 AM

    Fabulous, affordable housing is just what Toronto needs! WTF!

  3. CDubya • 6/1/2017 11:41:00 AM

    Nice...another place for the rich to make others richer.

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