Shannen Doherty fights for dog and cat meat trade prohibition

Published By Alexa Caruso on Mar 23, 2017

Shannen Doherty at an event for the Animal Hope & Wellness FoundationBeverly Hills 90210 alum Shannen Doherty has taken up the fight against human consumption of dogs and cats.

With some help from her lobbyist brother, Sean, the Charmed star has paired with Washington legislators to talk about the new H.R. 1406 bill titled the Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act.

Shannen, who credits her dog Bowie with discovering her cancer as well as helping her battle with the disease, sat on a panel of lawmakers working to officially ban the transport of cats and dogs bound for what is known as the "pet-flesh market."

For Shannen, like many others, it is unacceptable to allow the consumption of animals that provide us with so much more than just companionship.

The Washington Post reported Shannen as stating, "We as Americans have trained dogs to do amazing things -- they take bullets for our officers and sniff bombs... They are part of us and for us to not stand up and protect animals… we have to protect our own."

The actress, who works with the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation in Los Angeles, says battling cancer has given her a new perspective on life: "Having cancer brings things into a different kind of focus."

It seems her bout with cancer has also given her the strength and determination to not only fight the disease, but also fight for those who cannot help themselves. ~Alexa Caruso

Comments & Discussion

  1. Murphy • 3/23/2017 11:00:48 AM

    It's a start. Good for her for doing this, even while she's sick. I believe that all animals deserve to live and not be eaten, horses and cows are no different, they're all mammals and cows especially are treated brutally, with their babies wrenched away so they don't drink too much of their mother's milk. After being kept with other calves in pens so small they can't even walk around, they're sent to a slaughterhouse to be eaten as veal. I've been on a dairy farm and can't believe the cruelty. Hearing the mothers and calves cry for each other was especially heartbreaking, and seeing the innocent calves who can barely walk, but still have such sweet personalities and are so trusting. They have no idea that the people in charge of their lives think of them the same way they would a stalk of corn.

  2. MITCHELL GMITEREK • 3/23/2017 11:35:45 AM


  3. Matty G • 3/23/2017 11:49:27 AM

    I can't believe people in North America still eat cats & dogs. I do agree with you Murphy on the cruelty of the slaughterhouse; but I do still eat meat because the vegetarian lifestyle is ironically more expensive, and now our seafood from the Pacific is being contamited with radiation.... not a lot of options available. The trick to the best tasting meat in the world is to raise the animals with love and care until their time has come; but very few farms do that.

  4. Debbie Petch • 3/23/2017 12:29:34 PM

    I need to clear up some misconceptions here. I have been fighting the dog/cat food trade in South Korea for years. It is not a poor problem, it is a cultural problem. South Koreans believe that if they eat dog meat, it makes them stronger and live longer. They raise dogs on farms in horrendous conditions. They torture and abuse these defenseless animals. They boil them alive, skin them alive, crush them to death, slow hang them etc. They believe that the more the dog suffers before death, the more tastier it is! All you have to do is google dog meat in South Korea and you will find countless films of these poor animals being tortured. I warn you though. You cannot never unsee the horror. I don't understand why we have awarded South Korea not just one Olympics but 2! They will be hosting the Olympics in 2018. We are all complicit here.

  5. RM • 3/23/2017 1:21:29 PM

    Hope she is doing well and beats this cancer. Get Better Fater. I also agree and for people who eat this meat some say it is cheaper it is not. This is a lifestyle choice and nothing more and it is wrong and should be stopped. I love my fur rescue and can't think that she could have been on a plate makes me sick. So thank for doing this for cats and dogs everywhere. Pets are friends not food!

  6. RM • 3/23/2017 1:23:18 PM

    Sorry bad English " Get better faster" NOT Get Better Fater sorry.

  7. Kitty • 3/23/2017 1:54:38 PM

    Thank you Shannon, THANK YOU for taking up this cause!!! Bless your heart. ♥♥ Stay well. And help us keep fighting for these beloved animals.

  8. Ezra • 3/23/2017 2:33:13 PM

    Good for her! More stars should be voicing their concern about issues. It's important they use their celebrity power to make a difference.

  9. Cristina Jane Fraser • 3/23/2017 2:52:41 PM

    What a wonderful thing you're doing. It's amazing to see Hollywood people use their money and influence to help where lots of us can't. You're an inspiration to me. Thank you. 💕

  10. Kevin Barton • 3/23/2017 4:06:27 PM

    I agree with you. Cats and dogs are for pets only everywhere in the world.

  11. Gloria Gillman • 3/23/2017 4:37:19 PM

    God Bless you Shannon for your good work. This subject is so heartbreaking, one almost can't talk about it. You are extremely brave and courageous on many levels. I applaud you for shedding light on the plight of these defenceless creatures. March forward in strength.

  12. murray salamon • 3/24/2017 12:11:35 AM

    i am so happy that someone has thesense of standing up for our four legged friends this act is so inhuman and disgusting that i commend your efforts to have these acts abolished for good and shannen is there any chance that you might retun to tv perhaps anewly revised charmed i really loved you in the show i only hope that you might consider that idea good luck with your own well being

  13. Vegeta • 3/24/2017 8:01:24 PM

    The love you get from a cat or a dog is no different than the love you get from a sheep or a cow.

  14. Vegeta • 3/24/2017 8:16:00 PM

    Just because you CHOSE to eat one over the other doesn't change the fact that if eating one is wrong both is wrong.

  15. John Lydon • 3/26/2017 1:46:25 PM

    Meat isn't murder. It's delicious.

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