Which Good Girls star do co-stars blame for cancellation?

Published By Tribute on Jul 27, 2022

Good Girls stars Mae Whitman, Retta and Christina Hendricks. Courtesy: Netflix

Fans of the show Good Girls were upset to hear of its cancellation on NBC after four seasons last June. The show, which was also a popular series on Netflix, follows three suburban moms in Michigan who rob a grocery store out of financial desperation. From there, life gets complicated as they find themselves tangled in a web of crime.

There was limited information on why the series was cancelled. In 2021, NBC was quoted saying it was an issue of finances, however, a recent interview with one of the show's stars hints there is more to the story.

During an episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, Retta, who played Ruby Hill, revealed the show was "very close" to being renewed for a fifth season but "one person ruined it for all of [the] cast and crew."

When Kelly Ripa asked if that individual character could be removed and have the show continue as usual, Retta said, "I think it was a little too close to when [the writers] would have to start [season 5 scripts] and figure out story, so… no."

The actress even brainstormed a possible plan as to how the fifth season could've progressed.

"I was literally like, 'Okay, maybe there was a bomb scare at some point, and then a bomb actually went off, and that's why that person's gone," she said.

Although Retta did not disclose the name of the cast member, an exclusive report from TVLine in July revealed that multiple sources were quoted as saying, "Renewal hit a major snag in mid-June when negotiations with co-star Manny Montana hit a wall." Montana played crime boss Rio. When the cancellation was first announced, fans speculated the reason behind Good Girls' sudden ending was due to tension between star Christina Hendricks and Montana. When asked about their "love scenes" in the past, Hendricks stated the two had a very "business-like" and "professional" working relationship.

Netflix was in talks to pick up the show's final season, but that eventually fell through. The three leading women -- Retta, Hendricks, and Mae Whitman -- were reportedly set to take pay cuts, and were on board when production for a shortened final season was set for spring 2022, but it didn't work out.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Matthew Lillard, Hendricks' on-screen husband, was heartbroken over the show ending so abruptly.

"I think [it was heartbreaking] for everyone, I think for all the women involved. Strong women led by a strong female producer, and it just fell between the cracks of Hollywood business. And it was really a bummer," he said. ~Claudia Minardi

Comments & Discussion

  1. Kelly • 7/28/2022 8:06:24 AM

    They could easily have continued that show without him. So easily. I'm disappointed.

  2. Karen wittman • 7/28/2022 7:44:08 PM

    Love love love the show … I think it can go on w/o rio .. did like his character though … have another cousin take his place … too good to end the way it did

  3. J oneil • 7/29/2022 1:57:41 PM

    I watched most of the show and he is a sidenote of importance the main point is obviously the three women. As a writer I can come up with at least 60 ways of getting rid of him that would makes sense. He is not the lead and he never has been lead but his character is very strong and very well done. I don’t understand why Netflix and others cannot just simply tell the truth and as a business understand that many shows replace actors delete characters etc. and continue for example law and order is at like like 20 years now?

  4. Kat • 7/29/2022 8:57:35 PM

    Love the show! I was getting sick of Rio, anyway. Lol Seriously, the actor did a great job, but the 3 women were the thing! Why?! Why can't we let women remain in the limelight?

  5. Dona Harrington • 8/3/2022 12:04:33 PM

    Love the show. Agree the 3 women are the strong points !!! Rio didn’t make any difference to me. Get rid of him and get on with it!!!

  6. renald • 8/3/2022 1:41:30 PM

    I can't believe that they are cancelling this show. I've watched every episode and I cannot believe this.

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