Zac Efron apologizes for breaking Paris Jackson's heart

Published By Alexandra Heilbron on Mar 30, 2017

While promoting his new movie Baywatch at CinemaCon this week, Zac Efron found out that he broke Paris Jackson's heart.

It all went down just after he'd starred as Troy Bolton in his breakout Disney Channel hit movie, High School Musical. Although the rest of the cast signed on to do a concert tour in 2006, Zac was filming a role in the musical movie Hairspray at the time. Drew Seeley, who sang most of Troy's songs during the first movie (Zac did all his own singing in the subsequent High School Musical movies), stood in for Zac during the tour.

Paris Jackson, who was 10 at the time, went to the High School Musical concert expecting Zac and was heartbroken when she found out he wasn't part of it. During an appearance on The Tonight Show, she said,  "That was the most depressing part. He wasn't there! I was like this heartbroken 10-year-old."

When Marc Malkin of E-News! told Zac about the incident, he apologized to Paris, saying, "I'm so sorry. I'll make sure I'm on set next time if you come to visit and you should come to the Baywatch premiere!" ~Alexandra Heilbron

Comments & Discussion

  1. Aiden41 • 3/30/2017 9:19:03 AM

    I can actually see them as an item. It's not that much of a stretch.

  2. Wendy • 3/30/2017 12:45:05 PM

    When I read the statement about these two I thought?? They were an item, oh wow?! But realizing after reading she was only 10? I thought cradle robber!! LOL

  3. Bob Dobbs • 4/1/2017 10:25:35 AM

    He is gay so it wouldn't work out anyways.

  4. Debbie • 4/1/2017 2:15:44 PM


  5. Snepts • 4/4/2017 8:30:11 PM

    Isn't she part Amphibian?

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