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2.78 / 5

User rating: 2.78

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  • User rating: 2.78 28.10%
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User review rating: 4 April 29, 2023

Funny action comedy with some brutal scenes. It is kinda chaotic and hard to follow at first but all scenes actually have its purpose and it all clicks in the end.

User review rating: 5 April 22, 2023

started off confusing and wasn't sure if I was going to continue but as the movie goes on, more and more make sense and by the end I turned out to really like this movie.

User review rating: 1 April 06, 2023

It is a funny and silly action movie, half of the characters doesn’t make sense. Seem like everyone want the wallet with blackmail money. If you like movies like kill bill, you will like it, guess it was not my kind of action movie

User review rating: 2 January 24, 2023

fast pace totally unrealistic action movie in a train... not really funny, not really catching in term of action neither.... a weird movie... no need to see, nothing to see... cameo bullock is at the very last minute... likely on purpose... so fans have to wait until then and stay in the theater...

User review rating: 2 January 10, 2023

Not the worst movie ever but could have been so much more. Too many plot holes and contrivances to the story.

User review rating: 1 December 15, 2022

What purpose did this movie serve? Too long winded to tell a simple story that in the end wasn't that good. Disappointing. Hollywood is lost for good. I don't good movies coming out of Hollywood for at least a generation. Society has to cycle through the jug heads that are presently writing and directing. Waiting for the next generation to do better.

User review rating: 5 December 05, 2022

Lots of comments from people that didn’t like the story line. This movie makes you think and requires that you be attentive. If you are going to just sit there and let the visual tell you the storyline you will find it of course confusing and leaving you to wonder what in the world you are watching. Must see movie. Will definitely buy and add it to my movie collection up there with Red, Die Hard, Pulp Fiction and the Expandables..

User review rating: 5 December 05, 2022

If you liked pulp fiction you will like this. Great storyline. Suspense, thrill and laughs!

User review rating: 1 October 26, 2022

it was so boring you couldn't understand half of it waste of time and money

User review rating: 5 October 21, 2022

The Movie was comical the whole way through and entertaining, there were plenty of twists and turns that left you going what in the world. A blockbuster that didn't take itself to seriously and easy to enjoy.

User review rating: 2 October 08, 2022

Don't even bother to wait for the video.

User review rating: 1 October 04, 2022

This movie shouldn't even be out there for our young people to see. One of the most gruesome, bloody, no plot, F-bomb in every uttered sentence. Sickening. This movie was made for idiots. We left.

User review rating: 2 October 03, 2022

This movie was not good, the five minutes started off good , but otherwise it was bad. Brad Pitt is a relly good actor but this was not good.

User review rating: 2 October 01, 2022

This movie was really weird and goofy, the beginning started off good but then got really goofy later on. Brad Pitt is a great actor, but this definitely was not that great of a movie.

User review rating: 5 September 30, 2022

I loved the actors but then again I know them. good on the surprise aspect and the dark comedy:) Reminds me of keanu but fun...The end was pretty hilarious so for those who leave early ... try being multifaceted.

User review rating: 1 September 29, 2022

Expensive piece of junk. Too zany for me. I was glad when it ended.

User review rating: 1 September 26, 2022

This movie made no sense !!!!!

User review rating: 1 September 23, 2022

Too much violence, poor plot, poor acting. Much of the movie doesn't make sense.

User review rating: 1 September 22, 2022

This movie was bad...I thought the Hateful Eight was a bad movie, but this trainwreck tops the cake.

User review rating: 2 September 17, 2022


User review rating: 5 September 15, 2022

We enjoyed this movie it was funny

User review rating: 1 September 11, 2022

I rarely leave a movie, but after countless barbaric murders and countless, purposeless f-bombs, we just needed to go. Ran for the exit after 15 minutes of torment. I am not that sensitive, but this kind of mindless profanity betrays a screenwriter with no actual vocabulary, and I could not contribute to whatever moron wrote this garbage! GRU 2 was much better!

User review rating: 1 September 11, 2022

Great actors with a terrible story line that made no sense!

User review rating: 1 September 10, 2022

The “F” word was continually used with no sense! It was violent and bloody with so many murders you lose count! Save your money!!!

User review rating: 1 September 10, 2022

Found it boring and the plot all over the place. If Brad Pitt hadn't been in it there would no reason to stay for the whole movie.

User review rating: 5 September 09, 2022

If you like dark comedy, this movie is for you. Excellent acting all around, led by Brad Pitt. Very entertaining. Never a dull moment. Excellent characterization. Loved the character Lemon. Can’t believe it got only 3 stars overall. Must see movie!

User review rating: 3 September 08, 2022

This movie has no story. It was a movie with some people fighting on the train. Brad Pitt character in the movie was the only thing that was good.

User review rating: 3 September 06, 2022

I recommend it. a bit of japanese culture, black comedy, somewhat suspenseful, sibling rivalry, ending was trite, loyalty and emotion among the cleaners as they were brothers. what agent wears a shirt unbuttoned to her naval wearing no bra. I bet every man would want to work for that agency. to crush the car, bad ending, that would never happen in a james bond movie.

User review rating: 1 September 06, 2022

This movie was bad from beginning to end. Can't imagine that Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock would even want to be a part of this movie. Waste of money and time going and sitting through it.

User review rating: 4 September 05, 2022

I liked it, Funny!

User review rating: 2 September 04, 2022

Part of this movie were funny because of Brad and the guest actors. Not a good movie, but enjoyable as far as the fun twists. Don't waste your money and wait for it to hit streaming.

User review rating: 1 September 04, 2022

so happy only paid $3.00 last night for this movie. Love the VIP experience but no story crap walked out

User review rating: 4 September 03, 2022

It’s a well written film with great performances and a few surprise cameos. It’s very bloody however, so it might not be for everyone. I loved though I think it could have turned down the violence and F bombs a bit without losing anything to the plot.

User review rating: 5 September 03, 2022

It's a fun, silly movie, the time flew by. The comedy and jokes aren't constantly trying to make you bust your gut and the choreography supports it. Superb execution of Chekhov's gun throughout. None of the screentime is wasted or pointless, it all adds to the story or comedy in some form.

User review rating: 1 September 03, 2022

Worst Movie I’ve seen in ages

User review rating: 5 August 30, 2022


User review rating: 1 August 29, 2022

dumb. cheap movie made on a train.

User review rating: 1 August 29, 2022

Just an awful show...can't waste words

User review rating: 2 August 28, 2022

Poor Brad..tried to re do his year 2000 gem Snatch..save your mony and put towards Snatch DVD

User review rating: 5 August 27, 2022

I liked the way this movie kept tying up loose ends...it answered all of the questions that you had while watching. There were times when you didn't understand something and think "ok, i'll just have to believe it, it's a movie...", but then, at some point, they give you a reason for it being so. You don't have to suspend belief (disbelief?), you get a credible explanation...right up to the very end! Wow. Will see this movie again.