Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

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User review rating: 3 June 23, 2022

It's weird how I feel about this movie. I like Strange as a character in the Avengers flicks, but on his own, it just doesn't seem to mesh. Who's movie was this? Wandavision Pt2, Wong The Sorcerer Supreme? In Spriderman Doctor Strange fit into the story and it worked and the villains and the "surprise" Spidermen fit, but in this I know they kept the Illuminati under wraps and It was cool to see them together, but to me that felt like it was thrown in there now to be like the Spidey's of the other movie. Now it seems we have to get these "surprises" al the time. I think it was meant for IMAX as the set pieces were large and maybe didn't have the same feel at home. It wasn't great and wasn't horrible, just middle of the road.

User review rating: 5 June 20, 2022

I like this movie. Doctor Strange was very good in the movie. The Universe was under Wanda. She was the only one who can close the hole. I would love to see this movie again. I think this one is better to watch than Thor Love and Thunder.

User review rating: 2 June 19, 2022

Where my wife and I LOVED Dr, Strange in the original film, the Avengers movies and the recently released and GREAT Sony Spiderman film "No Way Home" ...this DISNEY owned episode is just ANOTHER example of how the Mouse simply ruins EVERYTHING it touches!! In this WOKE tale Dr. Strange is a guest star in his own movie. This is truly a DIRECT SEQUEL to the Wandavision series-albeit an ULTRA WOKE one! Do I REALLY NEED to see a gay pride flag on one of the protagonists shirt in almost every scene ion the movie? Or the fact that the character "America" had two mothers?? (Try explaining how she was even born then??-Oh-I forgot-On "Woke world" males are no longer needed or desired...stupid me...) Like I said in my title-this is yet ANOTHER "bait and switch" Disney film out to push undesirable by most people with a brain "woke" agenda". How much money will Disney have to lose to see that the TRUTH IS GET WOKE-GO BROKE?? (see the other currently bombing Disney groomer movie "Lightyear" for even FAR MORE Ultra Wokeness as that entire film is CENTERED around a lesbian relationship way beyond the "lesbian Kiss"! You know because its the very thing that we should be showing little kids these days...NOT!! ) BTW-this film really should get an "R" rating for its hard gore and deaths. This very much felt more like a horror flick than a hero flick... Disney when will you learn?? We DON'T WANT Wokeness shoved down our throats!! This will be the FIRST Marvel film I will not buy for my collection. I will stick to the Sony Marvel Universe til it sells out to the mouse and circles the drain...

User review rating: 5 June 17, 2022

It's only a movie people.

User review rating: 1 May 31, 2022

Doctor Strange and Disney sure like Diversity Hires.

User review rating: 5 May 31, 2022

This is a very good movie. I don't understand why bitter angry Conservatives would come online to rage about the fact that the movie include races of different ethnicity. How sad their lives must be.

User review rating: 1 May 30, 2022

Gotta make everything inclusive eh? That wedding scene where we are being force fed all these cultures that are NOT representative of a good Catholic Country is lame. Why can’t movies be like the good old days where we bomb the allahs?

User review rating: 5 May 27, 2022

As a fan of all the Marvel cinematic universe movies i have seen and a few of the Disney+ series made in the last couple years. This is an excellent continuation of the plot after Endgame. I am glad my son recommended watching Wandavision first. It definitely helped me understand Wanda before this movie. I would have had no idea who she was had I not seen it. If this is your first Marvel movie, it might be confusing because it is a continuation of prior plot lines and doesn't really explain itself as a stand alone very well. You could enjoy the action quite well but a lot of love for the characters comes from their back stories.

User review rating: 5 May 27, 2022

Enjoyed. Easier to follow than I expected with great effects. I don’t get why some people don’t understand it is fantasy and magic, heroes and villains ( or monsters if you will. ) There was nothing drastic in it. And I do not enjoy horror movies. This was certainly not that.

User review rating: 5 May 23, 2022

Fast pace from beginning to end. Great story, great characters, great story.

User review rating: 1 May 23, 2022

Horrible! Bloody violence: unnecessary killings. EVIL!

User review rating: 5 May 22, 2022

The acting, special effects, and story are all top-notch, and it's a must-see for any fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Benedict Cumberbatch is perfect as the title character, and the film's visuals are some of the best I've ever seen. If you're looking for a great movie to watch, Dr. Strange is definitely one to add to your list.

User review rating: 5 May 22, 2022

Best Marvel movie to date. Great action, great story, very emotional.

User review rating: 1 May 21, 2022

Caved in to the woke crowd. Killing off of inspirational women. Expected better. Not up to usual quality.

User review rating: 4 May 19, 2022

Great acting and plenty of action with Wanda the witch who steals the show. So into the next century. A good movie full of unexpected events and a wee bit scary and strange but FUN!

User review rating: 4 May 16, 2022

Decent action/fantasy

User review rating: 5 May 16, 2022

This movie is awesome in every way! 👏 Well worth seeing on the big screen for the special effects alone. If I have any criticism at all it would be the amount of witchcraft and sorcery/magic. It was a bit to much for my liking. Obviously it was necessary but maybe not as much. The movie was absolutely amazing though!

User review rating: 5 May 13, 2022

I loved the action, computer graphics, characters and the drama. Inorder to enjoy this film, you have to see Dr Strange’s first movie. I enjoyed the multi-dementions. Especial when Steven and America go through several dimensional layers. Way cool. Especially guest appearance at the lumenadi council. I’m not a spoiling the cast cameo.

User review rating: 5 May 13, 2022

I liked the fact that they added people from all the multiverse

User review rating: 5 May 13, 2022

Thumbs up! Ten out of Ten

User review rating: 5 May 13, 2022

Great movie, never a slow moment. It just keeps going and keep you entertained. Loved it so much.

User review rating: 3 May 12, 2022

This was an ok movie. There were moments that stood out for sure. A few scarlet witch scenes were quite a horror-level scary. I would love to see a scarlet witch movie with those scary horror elements. It was formulaic. I actually dozed off near the end. Maybe I'm not into the magic part. Rarely surprised by these movies. I think Dr scratch should be darker and scarier. I totally remember that vibe reading the comics as a kid/ likely why I did not read many of them lol. Saw it in IMAX, I would recommend the least expensive screening. This had the potential to be epic.

User review rating: 5 May 09, 2022

This movie was amazing, Benedict Cumberbatch was an awesome Doctor Strange and is so handsome.

User review rating: 5 May 09, 2022

This movie was awesome, just saw today in theaters and thought it was great. Just as good as the first one.

User review rating: 5 May 09, 2022

Wow, so good.

User review rating: 4 May 08, 2022

Sorry gave 3 star in previous review, definitely a 4 star,it was very good!

User review rating: 4 May 08, 2022

Loved this movie!!!! Go and see it you won't be disappointed!

User review rating: 3 May 08, 2022

Action and story line was intense - just forget about how they try to introduce their WOKENESS CRAP IN IT - and enjoy Dr Strange at his best.

User review rating: 5 May 08, 2022

This is a phenomenal movie. Disney and Marvel are the best!!!

User review rating: 1 May 08, 2022

CGI is good but the story makes no sense.

User review rating: 5 May 07, 2022

Loved it👍👍👍👍👍

User review rating: 3 May 07, 2022

Had a nard time following this, and honestly stopper trying because the story was subpar. I miss the Avengers quality movies, this was just messy. Did not really care about the characters or their fate.

User review rating: 5 May 07, 2022


User review rating: 5 May 07, 2022

This is Marvel at their best. You want to see this on the big screen. It's a treat.

User review rating: 1 May 07, 2022

This is really a Wanda Vision movie rather than a Dr. Strange movie. Dr. Strange couldn't do anything right and Wanda could do no wrong. Disney is still promoting a woke agenda even after losing $ billions in the stock market. This is my last Disney movie or product. BAD, Boycott Anything Disney.

User review rating: 5 May 07, 2022

This movie just had some insane graphics! And Wanda is in it so the rating just gets bumped up ? 👍

User review rating: 5 May 06, 2022

Incredible. It is such a thrill to see so many of the characters I grew up with in comic books when I was a kid come to life on the big screen. I had such a good time watching this.

User review rating: 5 May 06, 2022

Fantastic. I'm speechless it was so good.

User review rating: 5 May 06, 2022

So much fun! So much fun! So much fun! Marvel just gets better and better. Loved it!!!!!!

User review rating: 2 May 06, 2022

Lots of action, some funny parts, but not a good movie by any stretch.