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User review rating: 1 April 26, 2024

During the last few years Bollywood experimented with the theme related to the Lives, Struggles, Dedication and Supreme Sacrifices of those who work for the Intelligence Department of India. The films of such category may be seen as Tributes to those brave people and the Department that make us proud through their endeavours only for the nation. Apart from anything else, these films have made the terms like Intelligence, Sniper cells and other terms and terminologies related to military intelligence familiar among the rank and file. Whether such films that manifest the delicate security structure of the country and the underground mission should be allowed or not considering India’s security and strategic interests is a different debate. Whether the freedom of creativity should be entertained or not in such context is a bigger debate too. However, Ruslaan 2024 is a new addition in this category. Plot- The Plot is simple. The film tries to depict the desperate effort of an individual to prove his loyalty to India rising above religious affiliation. Boring Narrative- The way the film has been narrated is boring. It is obvious that despite patriotic spirit, viewers will stop watching the movie in the middle for obvious reason. After all, the film has drastically failed to take forward the action considering the interests of the viewers. So also, as a film related to military adventure, it is an utter failure. Drowsy Action Sequences - The most boring part of the film is its Action Sequences. The scenes are lengthy and repetition. After all, viewers do not watch films only for fighting skill. So also, the film has failed in making Action Sequences realistic which is one of the essential aspects to make such film successful. The film depends only melodrama. Lack of Co-ordination: The most challenging aspect of such film is successful and effective co-ordination of different dimensions of a film. The Film has some aspects like Romance, Friendship, Paternal lo