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  • User rating: 2.38 7.69%
  • User rating: 2.38 7.69%
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User review rating: 3 November 28, 2023

It’s not Bad music was good a Little Different then some. I liked the music the goat could have been better in it I thought this could have been a tad longer but 2 Maximum hours would have been Enough I was Surprised the odd ones Didn’t like it I didn’t mind it. Try it out and see for Yourself

User review rating: 1 November 27, 2023

My wish is that Hollywood would make good movies once again. This movie is abysmal.

User review rating: 1 November 25, 2023


User review rating: 1 November 24, 2023

Nope, this isn't worth the time and money.

User review rating: 1 November 24, 2023

My 7 year old granddaughter who loves movies, got bored and asked to leave.

User review rating: 4 November 23, 2023

I'll admit, this film isn't perfect, but I've noticed most of the backlash stems from this being 'too much like the classics'. I remember people making this same complaint about Tangled and Moana, though those complaints weren't anywhere near as high in number. I can't help but feel the reason for this is because these people just saw '100 Year Anniversary' and set their expectations too high. This movie's not trying to be revolutionary. Its goal is to tell a simple traditional fairytale akin to the classics, you know, a nice reminder of why we fell in love with the studio in the first place. And, yeah, it does mostly succeed at this as while it's not fantastic, it is at least charming. The main lead is fairly likable, the songs, while not among the best from Disney are still relatively good, and how nice is it to have a traditional villain that isn't trying to trick us into thinking he's good after so long? Kinda funny how people have been demanding a return to traditional villains for years, and then as soon as we get one, all they do is look for things to complain about. Now, there are things that could have worked a lot better. The story does feel a tad rushed in places, and while I can't say I disliked the comic relief goat, he did get on my nerves a few times throughout the film. Also, as the 100 year celebration, the movie is littered with easter eggs of past films, and while this was done for a relatively good reason, it can feel a tad in-your-face at times. It's kinda like Tiana being a role model in The Princess and the Frog and how a good chunk of her dialog during the first half was her essentially cramming it down your throat. I'm just saying, a little subtlety can go a long way. Nevertheless, the film isn't amazing, and maybe it should have been, but on the whole, it's good. That said, if you'd rather wait for the Disney Plus release to give it a shot, I don&#

User review rating: 1 November 22, 2023

Wish I chose another movie.Y