The First Purge

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The First Purge is the fourth film in The Purge franchise and will serve as a prequel to the trilogy. It will look back at the first year of the purge when the government sanctioned all crime to be legal for a 12-hour period.

Dr. May Updale (Marisa Tomei) announces that the Purge is a psychological device so that Americans can release all of their anger in one night. However, the participation rate is lower than she expected as good people prepare themselves to protect the innocent. When she realizes that ex-military soldiers are going into suburban neighborhoods to kill citizens, she regrets what she started.
  • Release Date: July 4, 2018
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Cast: Y'Lan Noel, Lex Scott Davis, Joivan Wade, Luna Lauren Velez, Marisa Tomei
  • Director: Gerard McMurray
  • Producer: Andrew Form, Brad Fuller, Jason Blum, Michael Bay, S√©bastien K. Lemercier
  • Screenplay: James DeMonaco
  • Studio: Universal Pictures